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Telangana Registration: Telangana state government has launched the service for online registrations for the various services,  in order to make the citizen life simple and very comfortable. All state govt services are now in online mode, If any state citizen needs any service, they no need to visit any office, just use the online platform in order to get their work done in minutes.

Visiting the office and staying in the queue is to be prevented with help of the online service availability, Government has introduced and implemented the service on this online platform;

Telangana Registration

  • E-Stamps
  • Encumbrance Search EC
  • Builder registration module
  • Market value search of the land records
  • Property registration (upon selling and buying mode)
  • Prohibited property
  • Marriage registration for certificate
  • Firm registration
  • Stamp Vendors / Notaries / Franking machines
  • Society Registration
  • Chit fund registration and information

Above services are completely online, those who want the above registration, have to register in online mode, applicants check the required service and submit the registrations online. Once the registrations are completed the government department will check the concerned details and finalize the application status (Approved or Rejected).

Telangana registration vehicle

For Vehicle registration in Telangana, applicants have to rush through the RTA Telangana official link and register with the accurate and original details and then book the slot date and time. After registration, the applicant has to visit the RTA office along with a vehicle (bike or car or lorry or bus or any other) with supporting documents.

RTA officials will verify the details of the vehicle and documents, if everything is fine and no issues, then they will get the registration certificate within 30 to 60 days of the applicant registration date. RTA vehicle registration document is delivered to the registered address within the stipulated time.

Telangana vehicle registration search

100% possible service from the Telangana state government, If the search has the vehicle engine number and registration number, then he or she can get more information about the real owner of the vehicle and also owners will get the approval related information from the RTA department officials like;

  • Registration Certificate
  • License approval
  • Ownership transfer
  • NOC certificate
  • Police verification approval certificate
  • Penalty and fine related information
  • No due certificate from RTA dept.

For all services, and online search information is available in the RTA department, candidates get the most accurate information. For such small works, citizens do not need to rush to any near or far RTA officers, just visit the RTA Telangana official website and get the details at their fingertips and check the what is the current status of the vehicle.

Telangana land registration documents online

For land-related registrations and document information online, applications have to utilize the Dharani TS official portal for quick and accurate information, In the dharani portal, the user will get the real ownership details and contact number, if anyone wants to know the owner’s address, survey number, land record registration number, name, located information, and other details.

Telangana registration and stamps

For the stamps and registration process, the applicants have to register on the official link for approval from the state government and then get the various stamp-related work service approval. Once the service approval is confirmed then there is a chance of service provided to required applicants near the office or shop-related information.

Registration is compulsory for everyone who wants to register for the stamps and vendor-related services approval from the state government. Further details are available online for more information, If still need more information then visit the office physically and get the stamps and vendor-related information. certified copy

Once the service-related or any certificate related registration is completed and the dept is also approved, then the user gets the online PDF certificate, the certificate is available on the registration TS official link;  just follow the below steps in order to download the registration certificate;

  • Visit the official link
  • Login with your registered mobile number and email ID and navigate to the dashboard.
  • In that, check the registration services (previously registered) and check the number of services that you are already registered.
  • Check the anyone of the registered service option, and click the service link.
  • Once the link is open, then view the “Current status” of the registration.
  • If registration is pending then wait for more days. If registration is “confirmed and approved” then click on the download certificate or print/view certificate.
  • Once the certificate is displayed on the screen, then check whether the details are printed correctly or not.
  • If you find any details discrepancies, then contact the registration office for the modification of certain details.
  • If all details are printed correctly, then take the color printout in the Meeseva center on the Meeseva document paper.
  • Keep this registration document for required work purposes. If loss or damage then you have reprinted the document as said above procedure.

Telangana registration is made the citizen’s life simply to get good services from the state Govt. This is digital governance for the people, who can available any services related certificates, they can opt the online registration portal and get work done in minutes.

Updated: April 6, 2022 — 7:16 AM

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