SSC JE Question Paper solution 2018

SSC JE 22 January 2018 Mechanical Question Paper

General Intelligence & Reasoning Questions: 

Easy Questions- 35 to 40
Moderate Questions- 4 to 6
Difficult Questions- 3

Mechanical Engineering Questions

Easy Questions – 40 to 50
Moderate Questions- 20 to 30
Difficult Questions- 10 to 15
Mechanical Questions asked in 22 Jan 2018 Paper

1.Density of water is maximum at which temperature?
Q2. What happens due to excess quantity of sulfur in diesel engine?
Q3. Rotary IC engine is the inversion of?
Q4. What happens if more carbon deposits on the piston of cylinder?
Q5. In manometer, better liquid combination is having higher viscosity or lower viscosity?
Q6. Chezy equation is used in case of?
Q7. In the PV diagram, triple point is a line or point?
Q Composition of Monel metal
Q8. What is the relation which represents Mollier diagram?
Q9. Determine the tensile stress, if the axial load is 10 KN and the dimensions are 20mmx20mm
Q10.What will be the capillary rise at 20 C in a clean glass having 1mm bore?
Q11.What is the radial distance of tooth from pitch circle to the top of the tooth?
Q thicknes upto arc welding can be used for welding
Q12.MSST was given by?
Q13.Which of the conditions represent steady uniform flow?
Q14.Which of the relations represent irreversible and impossible flow?
Q15.What is the upward force on a submerged body in a liquid called?
Q16.What will be the BMD in case of a UVL acting on a cantilever beam (zero at free end)?
Q17.At what pressure properties of water and steam become identical?
Q If material is rigid then value of poison ratio
Q18.Due to friction lining wear varies as?
Q19.Which of the equation defines enthalpy
Q20.What is the ratio of actual dimension and the theoretical dimension called?
Q21.Fluid in equilibrium cant sustain which of the following?
Q22.In a blurred body, what is the condition of pressure drag and friction drag?
Q .four bar mechanism consists of ______ pairs
Q23.Rankine theory represents?
Q24.Which of the following state is observed after material gets work hardened?
Q25.What is the properties of material called through which it regains its original shape?
Q27.Which of the following governor has pendulum attached to its sleeve?
Q28.What is the rate of change of moment of momentum called
Q29.What is dryness fraction?
Q31.What is the slope called in case of Mollier diagram
Q If inlet air temperature is reduced then efficiency of IC engine
Q32.Which state is obtained after the mechanical operation Austempering?
a. Martensite
Q33.Which process can be used in place of an isothermal process at the atmospheric process?
Q34.If the COP of the refrigerator is 5, then find the efficiency of the corresponding heat engine?
Q35.How is the size of cam determined?
Q36.What is the pressure distribution in case of Uniform Wear Theory?
Q Numerical from thermal stress to find modulus of elasticity
Q37.What is the streamlines if U = ax and V = by
Q38.Preheating in welding is done in which of the following matter?
Q39.Which of the following fluid offers no resistance?
Q40.What is the Mean Effective Pressure in case of Otto cycle..(some data)?
Q41.Find out the efficiency of the Otto Cycle (some data)?
Q42.Find out the angular acceleration of the flywheel (some data)?
Q43.Which among diesel engine and the petrol engine is more efficient having same compression ratio and same heat added?
Q .numerical from torsion
Q44.What is the equivalent length of the bar in case of both ends fixed?
Q45.Find out the contact ratio?
Q46.What is the relation between Clausius inequality and Kelvin statement in the second law of thermodynamics?

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