SSC JE 23 January 2018 Question Paper Ananlysis

SSC JE 23 January 2018 Question Paper Analysis

SSC JE exam is going on from 22nd Jan to 29 January. In this post, we give light on the SSC JE question paper 23 January 2018 analysis in which technical (Mechanical) and non-technical papers are included.

General Intelligence & Reasoning Questions: 

Easy Questions- 35 to 40
Moderate Questions- 6 to 7
Difficult Questions- 2

Mechanical Engineering Questions

Easy Questions – 40 to 50
Moderate Questions- 20 to 30
Difficult Questions- 10 to 15

General Awareness Questions Analysis

  1. Where will FIFA WC 2022 take place?
  2. who is the chief of BCCI?
  3. ARDC in NABARD stands for?
  4. NPS is regulated by whom?
  5. Monetary Policy is made by?
  6. Myopia is caused because of?
  7. Marble cancer is caused by?
  8. The Palghat gap is between which states?
  9. Which metal is in liquid form at room temperature?
  10. Kumbh Mela is added in world heritage by?
  11. Nagaland was formed in which year?
  12. 1st meeting of the constituent assembly was held at which place?
  13. The tropic level in an ecological pyramid is divided into how many parts?
  14. Surajkund Mela is held in ?
  15. Ganga river in Bangladesh is known as?
  16. Does MP share its border with how many states?
  17. The red colour of blood is due to what?
  18. Who was 1st presiding president of the constituent assembly?
  19. Budget is prepared and presented by?
  20.  Where did Vasco da Gama land 1st time in India?
  21. Taxila was capital of?

Mechanical Questions asked in SSC JE:

  1. what is the point in gears called where addendum meets?
  2. Find the degree of freedom of a given mechanism – 2
  3. Find no. of binary & ternary joints? – Solve by fig
  4. In pseudoplastic, how will viscosity vary with shear strain?
  5. What to do to make a Hartnell governor stable? decreases as the radius of rotation decreases
  6. Find stress in a prismatic bar subjected to forces at different joints?
  7. Find COP of heat pump whose Carnot efficiency is 75%? By formula can solve

SSC JE Question Paper solution 2018 Shift 1

  1. Metacentric height distance between? distance between the centre of gravity of a ship and its metacentre
  2. What is the value of metacentric height for sailing the ship?
  3. Which section is best for an open channel? Trapezoidal
  4. Strongest components are produced by forging?
  5. Crater wear is highest in which tool? easily eliminate by option
  6. Which process is used to join rubber plate with steel?

SSC JE 22 January 2018 Mechanical Question Paper shift 2

  1. What is the composition of Monal Metal? CU & Ni
  2. What is the condition to solve NS equation?
  3. What is the 1st law of thermodynamics? dQ=dW
  4. Find the angle of twist in the series connection of shaft?
  5. What is thermal stress?
  6. Age hardening is done for which metal? By option
  7. Find velocity for the given stream function?
  8. What is the specific speed of a turbine? depends on the pump
  9. What is the unit of speed of turbine?
  10. In bull engine which link is used?


SSC JE 22 January 2018 Mechanical Question Paper shift 2

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