List of Important National And International Days and Dates for Competitive Exam preparation

 Today we are sharing most valuable topic Important Days & Dates which you found easily 1 to 2 marks in every Government Exam Paper and often you will get many questions from important days and dates of India and another country. So, readers today we are giving you a list of very very important National and International days and dates. This list will mostly help you in SSC Exam, Railways exams, RRB, Group- D, Primary TET, Upper TET and more. You should check it twice or thrice carefully, and you will remember it forever by giving a little watch on this page after some days frequently.There are many chances to get one or more than one question from this section in every Competitive exam.So, let’s start.

We attached one video in which a simple to remember days & dates trick easily.

List of Important National And International Days and Dates 

List of Important Days and Dates of January 

  • 9th January : NRI Day (Pravasi Bharatiya divas )
  • 12th January : World Laughter Day
  • 12th January : National Youth Day
  • 15th January : Army day
  • 25th January : National Voters day
  • 26th January : India’s Republic Day,
  • 26th January : International Customs Day
  • 30th January : Martyrs’ Day; World Leprosy Eradication Day

List of Important Days & Dates of February

  • 4th February : World Cancer Day
  • 7th February : Rose Day
  • 8th February : Propose day
  • 9th February : Chocolate Day
  • 10th February :Teddy Day
  • 11th February : Promise Day
  • 12th February : Hug Day
  • 13th February : Kiss Day
  • 14th  February : Valentine Day
  • 24th  February : Central Excise Day
  • 28th  February : National Science Day

List of Important Days and Dates of March

  • 8th March : international Women’s Day; Intl. literacy Day
  • 15th March : World Disabled Day; World Consumer Rights Day
  • 18th March : Ordnance Factories Day (India)
  • 21st March : World Forestry Day
  • 22nd March : World Day for Water
  • 23rd March : World Meteorological Day
  • 24th March : World TB Day

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List of Important Days & Dates of April

  •  1st April : April fool Day
  • 5th April : International Day for Mine Awareness; National Maritime Day
  • 7th April : World Health Day
  • 17th April :World Haemophilia Day
  • 18th April : World Heritage Day
  • 21st April : Secretaries’ Day
  • 22nd April : Earth Day
  • 23rd April : World Book and Copyright Day

List of Important Days and Dates of May

  • 1st May : Workers’ Day (International Labour Day)
  • 3rd May : Press Freedom Day; World Asthma Day
  • 2nd sunday of May : Mother’s Day
  • 4th May : Coal Miners’ Day
  • 8th May : World Red Cross Day
  • 9th May : World Thalassaemia Day
  • 11th May : National Technology Day
  • 12th May : World Hypertension Day; International Nurses Day
  • 15th May : International Day of the Family
  • 17th May : World Telecommunication Day
  • 24th May : Commonwealth Day
  • 31st May : Anti-tobacco Day

List of Important Days & Dates of June

  • 4th June : International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
  • 5th June : World Environment Day
  • 3rd Sunday of June: Father’s Day
  • 14th June : World Blood Donor Day
  • 21st June :International day of yoga
  • 26th june : International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

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List of Important Days and Dates of July

  • 1st July : Doctor’s Day
  • 6th July : World Zoonoses Day
  • 11th July : World Population day

List of Important Days & Dates of August

  • 1st sunday of August : International Friendship Day
  • 6th August : Hiroshima Day
  • 8th August : World Senior Citizen’s Day
  • 9th August : Quit India Day, Nagasaki Day
  • 15th August : Indian Independence Day
  • 18th August : IntI. Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples
  • 19th August : Photography Day
  • 29th August : National Sports Day

List of Important Days and Dates of September

  • 2nd September : Coconut Day
  • 5th September : Teachers’ Day ; Sanskrit Day
  • 15th September : Engineers’ Day
  • 16th September : World Ozone Day
  • 21st September : Alzheimer’s Day; Day for Peace & Non-violence (UN)
  • 22nd September : Rose Day (Welfare of cancer patients)
  • 26th September : Day of the Deaf
  • 27th September : World Tourism Day


List of Important Days and Dates of October

  • 1st October : International Day for the Elderly
  • 2nd October : Gandhi Jayanthi
  • 3rd October : World Habitat Day
  • 4th October : World Animal Welfare Day
  • 8th October : Indian Air Force Day
  • 9th October : World Post Office Day
  • 10th October : National Post Day
  • 2nd Thursday of October: World Sight Day
  • 13rd October : UN International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction
  • 14th October : World Standards Day
  • 15th October : World White Cane Day (guiding the blind)
  • 16th October : World Food Day
  • 24th October : UN Day; World Development Information Day
  • 30th October : World Thrift Day

List of Important Days & Dates of November

  • 5th November : World tsunami day
  • 9th November : Legal Services Day
  • 14th November : Children’s Day; Diabetes Day
  • 17th November : National Epilepsy Day
  • 20th November : Africa Industrialization Day
  • 29th November : International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People

List of Important Days and Dates of December

    • 1st December : World AIDS Day
    • 3rd December : World Day of the Handicapped
    • 4th December : Day of Indian Navy
    • 7th December : Indian Armed Forces Flag Day
    • 10th December : Human Rights Day; IntI. Children’s Day of Broadcasting
    • 18th December : Minorities Rights Day (India)
    • 22nd December : National Mathematics Day
    • 23rd December : Kisan Divas (Farmer’s Day) (India)
    •  25th December : Christmas Day


list of important days, important days of the year  with Tricks :

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