IB ACIO 2017 Paper with Solutions

IB ( Intelligence  Bureau) ACIO ( Assistant central intelligence officer ) has been already successfully completed by the candidates of India. The candidates gave the exam of  Tire-1 examination of ACIO in 15th October 2017. The Candidates who participated in this exam they are confused about the answer in some cases. Because some answer they solved surely but sometimes they don’t know what is the right answer. So, all the candidates searching for solved question paper/ answer key paper.So, today we gave you all the correct Answer. We tried to give you the answer as soon as possible. So, at first we checked and then we uploaded it.  

IB ACIO 2017 Paper with Solutions 

IB ACIO Answer Key Paper 2017, which you gave recently solved by us and we have given below. Check it and be sure about your probability of your answer. Good luck guys, we think you gave the maximum right answer. 

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IB ACIO 2017 – Job profile, Salary, Form fill up,Exam date,  Question paper


IB ACIO 2017 Paper Answer solved

1) 2017 India –ASEAN Youth Summit was held from  14th -19th August, 2017 in
Answer : Bhopal

2) Under Project ‘Navika Sagar Parikrama’, which will commence in September 2017, a team of women officers of the Indian Navy would circumnavigate the globe in an Indian built sailboat named?
Answer : INS Tarini

3) On August 18, 2017, which Asian country launched its first cyber court specializing in handling Internet-related cases?
Answer : China

4) On August 18, 2017, Power Grid Corporation announced that it will get a loan of $500 million from which international financial institution for its various projects?
Answer : 
Asian Development Bank

5) Who among the following has won a silver medal in the javelin throw at the first World Para Athletics Junior Championships in Nottwil, Switzerland?
Answer : Rinku hooda

6) Who among the following cricketer has continued worlds top rank one day batsman in ICC ODI  released on 18 August 2017
Answer : 
AB de villiers 

7) A bill providing for setting up the Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy in…was introduced in the Lok Sabha on July 18, 2017
Answer : Andhrapradesh

8) The best example of the extinction of species due to man’s intervention is?

9) Which of the following utilises sunlight in a direct fashion?
Answer : Solar Thermal

10) In Internet term WWWW, the 4th W stands for?
Answer : according to option worm
A- World Wide Web Worm
B- World Wide Wireless Web

11). IPv6 addresses have a size of?
Answer :128 Bits

12). The Constitution of Indian recognizes?
Answer : Religious and Linguistic Minorities

13). During which of the following Mughal Emperor’s rule, number of Hindus employees by Emperor’s Administration was the highest?
Answer : Aurangzeb

14). The Mansabdari system introduced by Akbar was borrowed from the sys followed in?
Answer : Mongolia

15). Who among the following is said to have witnessed the reigns of eight Delhi Sultans?
Answer : Amir Khusrau

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16). The President of India referred the Ayodhya issue to the Supreme Court under which Article?
Answer : Article 143

17). Right to privacy as a Fundamental Right is implied in?
Answer : Right to Life & Personal Liberty

18). The interval between two sessions of parliament must not exceed?
Answer :6 Months

19). With reference to inflation in India which of the following statements is correct?
Answer : Decreased Money Circulation

20). Which of the following brings out the ‘Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Worker’?
Answer : Labour Bureau

20). ‘Golden Revolution’ is related to?
Answer : Horticulture

21). A country is said to be in a debt trap if?
Answer :It has to borrow to make Interest Payments on outstanding Loans

22). With respect to GST, consider following statements GST?

23). India’s currents account deficit in Balance of Trade is mainly due to?



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IB ACIO 2017 – Job profile, Salary, Form fill up,Exam date,  Question paper

Aptitude Question Asked in IB ACIO 2017

Aptitude Question Asked in IB ACIO 2017           Aptitude Question Asked in IB ACIO 2017

Aptitude Question Asked in IB ACIO 2017         Aptitude Question Asked in IB ACIO 2017

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