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Dharani TS: Telangana State has launched a new web portal for the land records issue after the new state formation, the land recorders works under the CCLA department, and the name of the website is called dharani. Everyone in the state who have own land, they have to register in the Dharani portal and take an approval certificate from the revenue land records department.

Dharani TS portal has land records with survey numbers that are unique and authentic, this dharani registration is compulsory for buyers and sellers of the dharani portal, Telangana state government has made it compulsory for everyone to buy and sell the lands in the state, and also who are living in illegal land, they have to punished under the law.

Dharani TS

Only genuine and real landholders can register in the dharani TS portal if anyone failed to register in the dharani portal in a certain time period, their land has been occupied by the state government and it won’t be given back under any circumstances. Update your land records with the dharani TS portal as soon as possible, applicants can access the Maa Bhoomi Telangana official link and Dharani portal for more information. Registration is applicable in all MRO and revenue departmental offices.

Why Dharani Portal Registration?

Dharani TS will give authentic information to buyers before going to purchase any land, the buyer has to check the real owner information by using Telangana land records with survey numbers, and these numbers give accurate information within seconds of time. And it prevents the land kabza and occupied by any big persons in the society.

CCLA Telangana land records search helps to find the real owner of the land and address details to contact the correct person to know more details about the land information. In Telangana, the land is consists of three (3) types;

  • Commercial Land – for shopping/ business / work/malls / Studios
  • Agricultural land – Forming
  • Living land – Home contructions / Building construction / Villa contructions / Guest House /

So, before making any land-related transaction, buyers or sellers has to check the land type and its original owner details to contact and get the exact accurate information.

Applicants have to follow the official link dharani.telangana.gov.in land status and check the status and approved information from the revenue and land department. Once your land is approved by the Revenue department and then applicants get the passbook.

Dharani TS Passbook

Dharani passbook is important for the owner, it gives accurate information and shows the ownership of land. With help of a passbook, applicants can make land-related transactions and get approval from the Dharani portal team for any ownership transfer and other registration details. Dharani portal is located in Hyderabad city and its rollout across the state, the main campus, and lands record storage capacity are available in the capital city of the state only. If you are checking about the Telangana land records, the only Dharani portal can be preferred.

Telangana land records

In a new era of technology, Telangana state came forward to make the land records digitalization, the land records digitization is important for future purpose and also help to prevent the loss of lands and Kabza related issues in the state. There are many big people who are occupying the Government and other low-class people’s land making profits from them is completely illegal.

In such a scenario, the TS state has introduced the Dharani TS platform to keep secure lands under the owners, and it never goes in hands of scammers and other persons. Dharani will prevent the land loss to the owner and even though buyers to prevent their money on land transactions.

  • Eligible owners of land in Telangana state, have to visit the official link dharani.telangana.gov.in
  • Click on the “New Registration” button and enter the “Aadhar Card” number and mobile number in order to verify the applicant’s details.
  • Once the above details are verified online (UIDAI) then enter the Land related details and owner or owners’ names, old land passbook number, land address, and land measurements.
  • And also enter the owner’s address and other lands if he or she owns or not details.
  • Once the above details are entered, then reverify the details before final submission.
  • Once the verification is completed, then submit the details.

How to Register in Dharani

After submission of details in Dharani TS, you have to wait till 4 to 10 days, because applicant needs the approval from the land records department, the department will schedule the date to visit the land measure the land and verify the ownership physically.

Once the ownership is verified without any issues, then the Dharani land passbook will be issued to the owner within 7 days. Owners have to collect the passbook from the MRO department and keep it for future use.

The dharani passbook is helped the land-related transactions in a smooth way without any issues, even the MRO office also gives the support documents for buying and selling related financial transactions. Make sure that, after such a transaction, old and new owners have to update the details on the Dharani portal for the ownership transfer-related information.

Updated: April 6, 2022 — 7:09 AM

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