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IBPS PO CLerk Pre 2017 Study material

??#IBPS #PO PRE 2017?? ? #BSC #PAID #MOCKS ? ? TOTAL 6 SETS…. ( More to come ) ? LATEST MOCKS ? ?✍ Get it here ? ???????? Set-01 ? Set-02 ? Set-03 ? Set-04 ? Set-05 ? Set-06 ? ?????????? For #BSC #IBPS #2016 #PRE MOCKS (TOTAL – 12), Get it here ?? ?? ?ADDA ? ??? ??????? #MOCK_5 :❗ PRACTICE_EBOOK ❗ Download ??????? ♨♨♨♨♨♨ ?IBPS_PO_2017? Puzzle PDF Download #IBPS #PACKAGE #QUANTA #Numberical Ability…/0B7SPkQCM-u11cFJXYXVUUWdzaTg/view 200 Questions PDF on #Quantitative Aptitude […]

Telangana Poor People Get LED Bulbs For Free

The Telangana State (TS) government has issued sufficient number of bulbs to poor and needy peoples across the Medak and Nizamabad District. The area leaders are responsible for distribution of bulbs. How To Get LED Bulbs For Free: If you are eligible for Free LED bulbs th WHY TELANGANA STATE GOVERNMENT ISSUING LED BULBS? The […]

Telangana State New Collectors, Commissioners, DCPs and SPs Complete Details.

Most Important : Telangana State New Collectors, Commissioners, DCPs and SPs EXPECT MARKS IN TSPSC GROUPS 2-3 MARKS Telangana State announced new districts along with respected collectors, Commissioners, DCPs and SPs on October 10 , 2016, Monday. DISTRICTS AND COLLECTORS IN DETAILS: DISTRICT NAME COLLECTOR ASSIGNED ADILABAD JYOTHI BUDDA PRASAD MANCHIRYAL ARVI KARNAN NIRMAL ILAMBARTHI […]