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APRTC Bus Pass: Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation APSRTC provides an online application platform for the students and working employees professionals, they can register online for any type of the bus pass. The registration is important for the bus pass approved by the RTC officials.

Any school or college student can opt for the official link online.APSRTCpass.in and select the bus pass type and then submit the online application form and make the application feer and then submit for the final application form. Once the application is submitted then wait for the approval process by the RTC team. Once the application is approved then take the printout for reference.


  • Student Bus Pass
    • Fresh
    • Renewal
  • General bus pass
  • NGO Bus Pass
  • Journalist Bus Pass

After separating from the Telangana in June 2014, Andhra Pradesh State Government has modified and introduced the new RTC bus passes to students, Journalists, and General regular citizens to travel across the state or selected bus routes for the office works and other personal work. Applicants should select a detailed analysis of the information.

APSRTC bus pass online apply

  • For the APSRTC bus passes, students have to visit the official link online.apsrtcpass.in
  • After the official website is open, then select the “Student Pass above SSC” or “Student Pass below SSC”.
  • Select any one of the options as per the student’s choice. If you are studying 11th standard then select the “Above SSC Student” option.
  • Once the option is selected then submit the available online application form.
    • SSC Board Type
    • SSC Regular or supplementary
    • SSC Hall ticket number
    • SSC year of pass
  • Now, enter the student details like;
    • Name
    • Father name
    • Date of birth
    • Gender
    • Email
    • Mobile number
    • Aadhar Card number
    • Admission number
    • Institute name
    • Institute address
  • Once the above details are entered, then now enter the Bus pass route address, and select it from the list.
  • Route Details
    • Center
    • Bus pass type required
  • Once the above details are entered, then reverify the details once before submission.
  • Once the verification is completed, then click on the submit button.

APSRTC student bus pass online

Once the online application is completed, then check the detailed information for the online bus pass, After the application students have to collect the acknowledgment form for future reference purposes.

APSRTC bus pass application download

The offline mode application form is available only at the RTC bus pass counters, check the nearby RTC counter and check the General or Student pass for the instant bus pass registration at counters.

The bus pass payment will be made at bus pass counters, the detailed information is available at the counter on the board as a candidate or student instructions.

Follow the RTC bus pass counters instructions in order to get the bus pass instant after registration by paying the pass monthly or quarterly payment.

APSRTC bus pass application status

Bus pass application status is available after 24 hours of the online application submission time. Students can check out the details of the application form. Must and should check the status verification after a minimum of 24 hours and get the final status of the registered application form.

Once the submission application got approval then collect the bus pass online or at the bus pass counter by showing the acknowledgment form.

APSRTC bus pass price details

Bus Pass price details are available based on the type of bus pass selected by the students and General candidates, check the bus pass fare before making the payment.

Like Student bus pass is approved within the range of KM is 4 to 22 KM

Colleges and schools’ maximum range is approved in some cases is up to 35 km

So, bus pass fare will depend upon the distance of the route.

APSRTC bus pass renewal online 2022

Yes, the renewal of the bus passes is available on the online mode, students simply visit the official link and enter the Student bus pass ID card and DOB details and then check the previous month’s expired date and date of renewal.

Now, click on the next month or quarter-based option and then make the online payment gateway option and make the online payment.

Once the bus pass online payment is completed, then check the current bus pass valid date and download the renewal bus pass slip and take the printout for reference. Use it for the regular bus journey time.

APSRTC bus pass id number

Bus pass ID number is generated after submission of the online bus pass application, register with the online application, and get the instant ID number, which is enough for the entire 12 months of valid ID number, it helps to maintain the bus pass for monthly renewal of bus pass.

Updated: April 11, 2022 — 7:15 PM

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