List of Exam Centres for APPSC Groups#2 Screening Exam on Feb 26, 2017

The Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission has completed centres work for Groups #2 Screening Exam, which is conducted on Feb 26, 2017, Sunday.  All Requested candidate have to verify their centres twice or thrice for clarification.

No worries and hurries in last minute of examination. The aspirants must be pre-planned for a journey of exam centre and make sure that “You know the centres of your local area/city”.

What are Things Required on Day of Exam:

  • Hall ticket
  • Ball Pen or Pencil (Read Instructions carefully in Hall ticket)
  • Support Document like any one of Central or state government ID card, Like Voter ID, Aadhar Card or PAN card.
  • Should be in-formal dress (for comfort Zone candidates).


  • Srikakulam (SKM)
  • Vishakapatnam (VSKP)
  • VizayaNagaram (VZM)
  • East Godavari (EG)
  • West Godavari (WG)
  • Krishna(KST)
  • Guntur (GNT)
  • Prakasam (PKM)
  • Nellore(NLR)
  • Chittor(CTR)
  • Kadapa (KDP)
  • Anantapur(ATP)
  • Kurnool(KNL)

Make sure, all candidate has to verify their respected centres one day before the exam.

Download APPSC Groups #2 Hall Tickets – Support Enabled and Queries Solved

All Andhra Pradesh APPSC Groups #2 Aspirants have to download their hall tickets for Screening Test, which is conducted on 26th Feb, 2017 (Sunday). (appsc group 2 hallticket)

The APPSC Authorities released hall tickets on official port5al for download part. All aspirants have to download thei respected hall tickets and take a print out it.

The Hall tickets for GROUP-II SERVICES NOTIFICATION No. 18/2016 (GENERAL RECRUITMENT) are available for Download. The Candidates are advised to check the location of their venues in advance. For all issues / queries related to downloading of Halltickets, for fast response and resolution, candidates may directly send the mail to    Click Here


Any Queries, you can reach us at for quick response.

Last Minute Preparation Tips for APPSC Groups #2 Aspirants with Exam Details

The Last Minute tips play crucial role in the examination and all aspirants have to follow the below steps on one day before an exam.

The Most important concepts are listed below, follow the each concept carefully and seek any shortcuts, if available.


  • Eye on most controversy topics, which are frequently narrated by Media/Press.
  • Eye on Most recent and important events. For example Indian national congress conference in Andhra Pradesh (Prepare: Important Dates, Important person names and their roles in any organisations. and Chief Guests)
  • Eye Policies and Schemes of Andhra Pradesh state.
  • Major works on Andhra Pradesh states. Like Irrigation and Power plants works…etc.
  • Eye on Awards and Prizes.
  • Most Important Section Sports and Some Important Sports Number/Figure.
  • Eye on celebrities work
  • Eye on Most Recent Technology gadgets. Like 4G What is LTE”.


  • Andhra Pradesh Budget are a most important factor, there are a lot of questions, we can expect.
  • Political Agenda on elections. For example, TDP won the elections in 2014 by how many seats in Loksabha and Rajya Sabha.


  • Andhra Pradesh and Central Governments political issues and developments of Andhra Pradesh.


  • Must and should read Andhra Pradesh and Indian History, who plays important role in separate Andhra Pradesh or who plays the key role in the development of Andhra Pradesh.


  • Eye on Information Technology which helps in the development of Andhra Pradesh with help of foreign countries like China.


  • Eye on Ho9w many counties professionals or leaders are visited Andhra Pradesh during last 3 years and what purpose. Hope you know their names and purpose of visit.


  • Eye on the development of Andhra Pradesh with Foreign countries at what factors.

These are main concepts, which play the key role in the Screening test. All Best Aspirants.

Union Budget 2017 Review: Telangana Boost in Railway Budget – Complete Details

Union Budget 2017 Review: Telangana Boost in Railway Budget – Complete Details

Telangana state boosted in railway budget from Union Budget 2017, receives crores of budget and it only state which occupies top place in union budget 2017.

What are the railway stations are going to implemented after union budget 2017?


  • Rs. 350 crore for Kothapally – Manahorabad Railway line.
  • Rs. 196 crore for Akkanapet – Medak Line.
  • Ra. 300 crore for Bhadrachalam – Sathupalli Railway line.
  • Rs. 50 crore for Secunderabad and Mahabub Nagar Doubling Railway line.
  • Rs. 160 crore for Khajipet – Balharsha Railway line. (3rd Line Implemented)
  • Rs. 9 crores for Manchiryala – Pedampet Third Railway Line.
  • Rs.100 crore for Hyderabad MMTS Phase 2 Line works.
  • Rs. 16 crore for Ghakesar – Yadadri Line
  • Rs. 5 crores Charlapally Terminal
  • New Line for Manchiryal and Gadchiroli

Union Budget: How Much Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State Receives – Details

Twin Telugu states have boosted in Railway budget from union budget 2017 under development of south Indian Railway and it follows passengers facilities.

Recently. The private and public partnership (PPP) providing free wifi service in all urban and moderate railway stations to increase productivity.


  • South Central railway get Rs. 3,034 Crore from union Budget
  • Rs 887/- crore fund released for New Railway’s constructions.
  • Rs.436/- crore fund for Railway line doubling process purpose.
  • Rs. 96 /- crore fund for Construction and modification of Traffic lines.
  • Rs. 67 crore 80 lakhs for Passengers facilities developements.
  • From Andhra Pradesh and Telangana get Four Level crossings and budget allocated to Rs.19 crores
  • Rs. 2,680 crore for new lines from Vijayawada – Guntur – Amaravathi.
  • Rs. 27.2 crore for Development of Raja Mahendra Yard.
  • Telangana & Andhra Pradesh get large Rail Infra boost
  • large Rail Infra boost in Union Budget 201

Union Budget 2017: Key Highlights on Defence Budget Rs.2.74Lakhs Crore

Union Budget 2017: Key Highlights on Defence Budget Rs.2.74Lakhs Crore

This time, the union Budget 2017 allocated Rs.2.74 lakhs crore budget for defense parts. it helps to the development of defense systems with latest modern technology and we know that India already adopted modern technology in defense and now this budget helps to implement 2017-18 year.


  • Defense pensioners get a pension through online systems using web options (website), it will be implemented by the end of the 2017 year.
  • All travel tickets available and these tickets allocated special reservations.
Defense Budget 2016-17Defence Budget 2017-18Increased Percentage %
Rs.2.49 Lakhs CroreRs.2.74 Lakhs Crore9.50%

Union Budget 2017: Key Highlights on Agriculture Budget Rs.10Lakhs Crore

Union Budget 2017: Special Review on Agriculture Budget Rs.10Lakhs Crore

Agriculture BudgetPercentage %
Rs. 10 Lakhs Crore4.10%


  • Mini Labs for farmers to be implemented at Krishi Vignan Centres
  • Soil Health cards distributed to all eligible farmers
  • Jammu Kashmir gets 60 days interest waiver on farmers loan.
  • Bhima Yojana for nature disaster
  • Former Yojana 40% coverage increased.
  • Corpus fund for irrigation projects and it will be allowed to farmers
  • ENAM increased from Rs240/- to Rs.500/-.
  • Rs.48,000 crore for Daily wage workers.
  • 50,000 villages are implemented by the end of the 2019 year.
  • Rs.87,000 crore invested for agriculture and village development.
  • Rs.19,100 crore invested in Pradhan Mantri Sadak Yojana.
  • Rs.23,000 crore for Pradhan Mantri Avas Yojana.
  • Rs.4,300 crore for Grama Jyothi Yojana.
  • one crore housed build for farmers by the end of the 2019 year.
  • Rs.2,500 crore for Atyadoya yojana.

Union Budget 2017: Special Review on Railway Budget Rs.31k Crore

Union Budget 2017: Special Review on Railway Budget Rs.31k Crore

This time railway budget got Rs. 31,000 crore and this budget allowed to for many specifications (in the approach of design and implementation of railways).


  • Total Railway budget is Rs.31,000 crore
  • Railways get Rs.55,000 crore for extra benefits from central Government of India.
  • New Gates to be implemented by the 2020 year.
  • The new metro policy will be implemented.
  • Tax waiver on Online IRCTC ticket booking.
  • Corpus fund to be added for railway security.
  • New trains for Tourism and traditional festivals.
  • 25 New train stations to be implemented by the end of the 2017-18 year.
  • Morethan 500 stations get Lifts and elevators
  • Solar power to be implemented in 2000 railway stations.
  • Bio Toilets to be implemented by the end of the 2019 year.
  • New Metro rail implemented as per Desi policy (Pure Indian Policy to be implemented).
  • Railways going to be a partnership with the Private sector for few services implemented.

Mobile app to be implemented:

All complaints and suggestions to be implemented at

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